Adagio Music Studio

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Music Classes Offered

Pre-school Music Lessons

"WunderKeys" is a program that combines music and math. This program is for children ages 3 - 4.  This program gives your preschooler a head start in music, math, and life.  Children experience playing on the piano, playing rhythm instruments, siging and playing music games.

"Music 4 Children"This program is for children ages 4 - 5. This program is an introduction to the basics of music and music symbols. In this class children will learn to play songs on the piano, with a strong emphasis on learning music symbols and notes.  This class gives students an excellant foundation to carry over to any instrument they want to learn in life.  We do this through fun theory activities with crafts, games, visuals, and many hands on activities.


Adult Lessons

Have you always dreamed of learning to play an instrument? We offer music lessons for adults in piano, voice, guitar, and harp. We teach beginning adults with no previous musical knowledge to advanced students.  Come in and try "two free" lessons and let us design a music program for you.

Music Lessons for Children

Has your child always wanted to learn to play an instrument?

We offer music lessons for school-age children in piano, voice, guitar, and harp.  We incorporate learning notes, rhythms, songs, and flashcards, through fun games and activities.

We teach our students to play or sing with confidence and poise. As students progress in their ability, we teach them to play duets, write music, play in ensembles and recitals if they are interested.